Louisiana Super Lawyer Defends DWI Clients

A DWI is not a traffic violation. It is a criminal offense that will remain on your record for life. If convicted, you will have to pay expensive fines, the loss of your driver’s privileges and may experience jail time. Expect auto insurance rates to increase or possibly be terminated. Future employment may be affected as well as educational opportunities when convicted of A DWI.

When charged with a DWI, the best lawyers will encourage you to remain silent. The only thing you need to say is that you want to talk to an attorney. Do not try to explain. Don’t let the police frighten you into talking. By talking, they get more information which they will use to try and confuse you or trip you up. This advice applies to everyone. Whether you are guilty or innocent, exercise your right to remain silent, and tell them that you want an ATTORNEY.

When someone is accused, their first thoughts are that the police do not understand the full facts of the case, so they want to explain. No one wants to be thought of as having committed a crime, and they want to try and explain it away. These are terrible reasons to talk yourself into prison.

The police will take your story and turn it around and keep asking questions hoping that you say something incriminating. Remember, the police are not your friend when they are questioning you about criminal activity in which they believe you may have engaged. When a police officer accuses you of having driven while intoxicated, contact this DWI attorney New Orleans. This distinguished attorney was named to Louisiana Super Lawyers for Fourth Consecutive Year in 2018. He has many years of successfully representing individuals charged with a DWI.

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